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Miracle Blend Premium Air Dry Paint Information
Miracle Blend Banner
Miracle Blend Premium Air Dry Paint Information.
Instructions For Use

Direct link to the paints: just click here.

Surface you can use Miracle Blend on:
Miracle Blend is an acrylic paint that can not only be used on vinyl kits but they will also do great on polymer clay. You should be able to paint over Genesis HSP too after sealing it but not the other way around, GHSP will not stick on Miracle Blend or any other water based paints.

Kit Preparation (VERY IMPORTANT!!!):
You would want the paint to stick to the vinyl and not on oil or mold release agent. The reason oil must be removed when painting with any type of paint is because if there are any oils remaining on the vinyl, paint will cure or set onto the oil and not the vinyl. This might (and probably will) cause the oil to eventually rub away and thus the paint with it. So number 1 rule is to wash your chosen kit very well with warm, preferably hot soapy water. You can use an old tooth brush for small crevices and a sponge for larger surfaces. It is extremely important that there are no oils left on the kit as this might cause any paint to come off. A good clean with rubbing alcohol afterwards is also a good idea. Always wash your kit again in warm, soapy water before using primer as rubbing alcohol is not recommended to be used before using Primer. For best results we recommend you apply a layer of the Miracle Blend primer prior to neutralizing and painting. Primer will seal off the vinyl but again here, using it on an oily kit will cause it to be easily wiped off. Primer can make the kit look shiny but any shininess will matte down after you have applied a few layers.
If you are not planning to use the primer, just adding a drop to the first washes should also do the trick.
To avoid the vinyl picking up substances not visible to the eye, wipe your kit dry with a CLEAN piece of (paper) cloth and let your kit completely dry on a rack and do never put it flat on a surface until finished painting.

How To Use Miracle Blend:
Miracle Blend paints only require water for thinning. Distilled water is best. (Can be found in most hardware stores). Water companies use chlorine to purify their water and chlorine reacts to all acrylic paints, causing it to fade a bit. So even boiling your tap water will not take care of all the chlorine. Purified water may also have traces of Chlorine in it. Thin medium can be mixed with water also. Just like with heat set paints a little paint goes a long way so be sparing as you can always add more. We have found Miracle Blend works best when applied with a mop brush and pounced with a firm cosmetic wedge. Make sure there are no visible paintmix drops on your kit when done with a layer. It's always better to apply 2 thin washes instead of 1 thick one.... Unlike with other air dry or even heat set paint, Miracle Blend paint actually dries lighter.

Paint mixing ratio's:
These are suggestions proven to work, it's up to the personal preferance of each individual reborner and the techniques used to customize. If you experience beading with these mixes, the reason will most probably be that your kit still has oil on it causing the paint mix to bead. See Kit Preparation above. Never exceed more than 1:40 parts paint-water to avoid beading.
Painting pens: 1:5 (1 part paint to 5 parts of water).
Wash ratio: 1:20 (1 part paint to 20 parts of water) or up to 1:40 for the stronger colors like Viridian Green, Dioxazine Purple, Aquamarine Blue and the reds.
Mottle ratio: 1:10 (1 part paint to 10 parts of water) or 1:5 for a heavier mottle. Always use a dry wedge to blend mottle and lighten, especially when trying a heavier mottle mix.

Medium mixing ratio's:
Thin Medium ratio: Do not exceed 1:1. (1 part of Thin Medium to 1 part of paint)
Other Mediums: The other mediums can be watered down but using them at full strenght will give the best effect.

As Miracle Blend is an air dry paint that only requires water for thinning it is highly recommended to use new clean brushes / cups / palette so no residu of oil based paints in your brushes can interfere with your MB paint.

Any of the paint colours in the Miracle Blend range can be used during the neutralizing process. Neutralizing should be done in one to several thin washes just as you would for reborn heat set paints. For orange kits we recommend either aquamarine blue or vein blue applied in thin washes. For pink kits we recommend either mint or Pthalo green applied in thin washes. For grey kits we recommend burnt sienna applied in thin washes.

Paint just as you would with heat set paints. Paint should apply smoothly and effortlessly. If it's not going on smoothly and beading, then it would be a water ratio issue. Add a drop or two of Primer or Thin Medium to your paint mix to resolve this and add less water to your next mix.

Drying time:
You can start with another layer as soon as the previous layer is dry, usually when you have finished your limbs, the first one is ready for the next layer. So once touch dry, you can keep painting without the hassle of waiting and baking. To speed up the drying you can safely use a hair dryer on the cool setting. Drying time depends on climate conditions, cold winter conditions will slow down drying. There are also customers reporting that puting the part in an oven at 100 degrees Celsius for 5 to 10 minutes will also speed up the drying process. We at Adriesdolls are no fans of this as vinyl was not designed to get reheated but apparently it does the job.

(Before) rooting:
After applying your final layer it is recommended to wait for 72 hours before you start rooting to make sure the layer has completely cured. When you want to warm up the head for the rooting process itself, it's best to use a sock filled with rice, heated in a microwave and put it inside the head. Though no negative effects have been reported it's not recommended to put the head itself into an oven to warm it up. (note from Adriesdolls: Vinyl itself was never intended to being reheated in an oven anyway).

Storing pre mixed paint:
You can store your own pre mixed paints in an air tight container.

Shelf life of paint:
You will find the shelf life is the same as all acrylic paints. It must be kept air tight to prevent it drying out.

Finishing Coats:
We recommend applying a layer of skin booster to your kit prior to doing the final matte sealing coat to bring out the colours and depth in your painted reborn. Skin booster can also be used to create a dewy skin look after applying matte sealer. (Skin booster can be diluted with water for less intensity). Detailing glaze is a low sheen glaze and is perfect for eyelids, nostrils, ear canals, nailbeds and lips and should be applied sparingly with a brush and pounced out with a wedge.

Detailing Pens:
This set of detailing pens consists of 3 sizes. A specially adapted pen for painting hair, a medium pen for painting veins and a broad pen for painting creases. Adriesdolls also supplies a syringe with these pens to keep clean hands while filling the pens.
To use the detailing pens, apply paint and water to the barrel of the pens with the supplied syringe, more paint will be required for colour strength than with painting. We recommend a ratio of 1 : 5, paint-water. Squeeze pen until paint flows from the nib. Test on paper towel and wipe away any excess. Do not squeeze while using on your project. Paint should be a continuous flow. If flow stops test again on paper towel and check paint consistency.
We would suggest giving your pen a shake every so often to redistribute the paint as it does separate. Remember to re-seal the lid to stop your paint drying after use. You can leave the paint in the pen to use again but if you do not plan to use your pen for a long time (10 days) we would suggest cleaning the pen to ensure longevity. Clean with warm water until all the paint has exited and leave a little bit of clean water in the barrel to keep the brush moist. These pens are re-usable and are sold empty, ready to be filled.

Genesis painted dolls - Using the detailing pens:
You must matte seal the areas you wish to paint with Miracle Blend paint matte sealer. Our matte sealer is air dry and easy to use, it dries clear and is proven to work before painting with our paints/pens over Genesis painted dolls. Some customers used GHSP sealer instead with different results. So best to use MB Matte Sealer. Other Air Dry paint sealers might work too but we have no specific brand information yet.

How to use the different mediums:
(All mediums can be diluted with water to reduce the effect).

Skinbooster: Skinbooster will enhance the colours of your doll kit, it isn't a necessity to use, this is personal preference. We recommend applying a layer of Skin Booster to your kit prior to doing the final matte sealing coat to bring out the colours and depth in your painted reborn. Skin Booster can also be used to create a dewy skin look after applying Matte Sealer. (Yes, Skin Booster can also be diluted with water for less intensity). You can best use a cosmetic wedge for applying Skinbooster.

Detailing Glaze:
Detailing Glaze is a low sheen glaze and is perfect for eyelids, nostrils, ear canals, lips and nail beds. It should be applied with a brush for highest sheen or pounced out with a wedge for lowest sheen.

Thin Medium: Thin Medium will not water down the paint, it makes painting easier to spread, giving you more control over your brush strokes and longer drying time once painted onto vinyl. It is especially suitable for doing creases, veining, blushing and it also will make the lip colour spread out nicely to give your baby's lips that translucent life-like look. Do not exceed 1:1 ratio Thin Medium-Paint.

Thick Medium: Thick medium is to be used to add a 3D element to painted hair strands. It will dry clear and requires a last coat of Matte Sealer if a matte effect is desired.
Fundamentals - It should only take a few minutes to cure.
Thick Medium can be used as a sealer.
The thicker the application of thick medium the longer it may take to cure.
You can paint the thick medium over particular strands you wish to highlight. Our Thick medium is a advanteous consistancy giving you more control over which areas you wish to add a 3D effect.
Once thick medium has cured you may wish for a matte finish.
Add a drop of matte sealer to a 'new' dry cosmetic wedge and pounce gently over the thick medium to create a matte finish.
When using powders, Thick Medium can not be used as a sealer as it does not adhere onto the powders and will peel. Use Matte sealer to seal powder before using thick medium.

Dry Skin: Dry skin formula was designed to create a realistic newborn dry skin effect seen on newborn babies. Once Dry skin formula dries you will notice it lightens slightly giving realistic dry skin.
Apply with a brush to creases around ankle, wrist and heals. After a few seconds it will become tacky.
Use a stiff small brush in a pouncing action to achieve dry skin effect. You can apply more layers if desired.

Fundamentals - It should only take a few minutes to cure.
Dry skin can be used as a sealer.
Applying several light coats gives you more control over the end result.
Dry skin formula will lighten once dry.

Primer: Primer is a base coat that functions as a pre sealer, created to seal the vinyl. For best results we recommend you apply a layer of the Miracle Blend Primer prior to neutralizing and painting. Primer can make the kit look shiny but any shininess will matte down after you have applied a few layers of colour. Make sure the kit has been washed with warm soapy water before applying the primer. It's recommended to NOT use rubbing alcohol.
If you are not planning to use the primer, just adding a drop to the first washes should also do the trick.

Matte Sealer: Matte Sealer is used as a primer and final sealer but can also be used to dull down any of the glossier mediums. It will dry clear and is super matte so you will love the end result when you love a matte finish. If you mix it with water, it will add shine.
It is recommended to let the Matte Sealer cure for 72 hours before you start rooting.

Matting Agent Additive: Matting Agent additive is used to take away any unwanted shine. It will work with almost every brand of acrylic paint. It should be mixed with a layer of medium or paint and can not be used stand alone. Ratio depends on how much shine you want to take away. Normal would be 1 drop of Matting Agent Additive to 2 or 3 drops of paint or medium.
Correction Fluid: Correction Fluid will erase partially cured paint or remove the harshness of completely cured paint.

Adriesdolls tip: Don't wear your favorite shirt as the pigments are so strong, it will most probably not come off......

Below some pictures of our NoŽlle and Carmen kits, both painted with Miracle Blend. Reborned by Susan Ward.

NoŽlle painted with Miracle Blend

Carmen painted with Miracle Blend
And a picture of a larger surface that shows of the color depth very well. And this is only a WIP picture..... Reborned by Sharla Field.
Our 19

We will continu to update this page with new pictures and links to Tutorials in the future. More information and assistance can also be found on the Miracle Blend Facebook Group page!

V1.7 - 10/24/2016

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