Privacy Statement

(Adriesdolls, february 2023)

Adriesdolls is committed to protect your privacy. All personal data concerning customers or visitors at our website is secured and is handled with extreme carefulness. Adriesdolls thereby observes and applies privacy rules and relevant Dutch legislation.

Processing of personal data
As a result of some of the offered services (placing an order, registering for the newsletter or contacting us otherwise), Adriesdolls needs to record personal data concerning it’s customers or visitors. This data will solely be used for the purpose for which it was provided, e.g. processing and delivering an order, e-mailing a newsletter or answering a question.

Adriesdolls will never sell any personal data to third parties. Any received information will only be used within Adriesdolls and will not be passed on to other organisations for commercial goals. Information received through our website is processed using technologies commonly used throughout the IT-sector for the protection of personal data. Adriesdolls does not collaborate or does not have any special relations with third parties on the internet which are contrary to this privacy statement.

Clicking behavior
Adriesdolls keeps records of general visiting behaviors at our website, for example which pages are visited most. This is done with the aim to improve and optimize our website. The collected data can also be used to place more specific content on the pages. By analyzing visiting behaviors Adriesdolls tries to continuously improve its services on the internet.

Questions or complaints
All questions or complaints concerning the processing of your personal data can be e-mailed to the following address: If you prefer to write a letter, please address to:
 Karstraat 16-A
 6851 DH Huissen
 The Netherlands 

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