UK Customers


After Brexit, many things changed for EU webshops but also for you as our valued United Kingdom customers. As we notice that there is al lot of unclarity, a short explanation how things work nowadays:

  • Webshops like Adriesdolls that are located in an EU-country that want to deliver goods to consumers in UK need to have a UK VAT registration number and pay UK-VAT to the HMRC.

  • Of course government decided to not make it easy; up to an amount of GBP 135 goods value, Adriesdolls needs to charge 20% VAT and pay this to the HMRC. If the goods value is OVER GBP 135, there will be NO VAT charged by Adriesdolls but by the postal service that delivers the parcel. Of course the postal companies will charge some extra for this "service". This extra differs per shipping company. 

  • VERY IMPORTANT: There is NO import tax on the goods we sell to the UK. Adriesdolls provides invoices with all necessary data for UK Customs to prevend this.

Practically it means that upto GBP 135 the goods amount is raised with 20% VAT in an EU-country for webshops. Buying more than GBP 135 goods value, there will be NO VAT charged in the webshop but it will be charged later by postal service together with their service cost.

After all, not much different than before Brexit moneywise. Before Brexit, UK customers paid 21% Dutch VAT on every order in our webshop. Now you pay 20% UK VAT, either to us if below GBP 135 or to the shipping company that delivers your parcel if over GBP 135.
Be aware that this information is valid only for EU webshops to UK consumers!!! We hope this clarifies a lot as we read the most weird stories about huge taxes and import costs on the doll community pages.

Unfortunately it is technically impossible at this moment to implement this GBP 135 limit in our webshop. We made a work around for you to prevent you paying double. 20% VAT will be put on all orders above or below GBP 135. However once above GBP 135, an automatic 20% discount will be taken off the goods value. This equals the 20% that our website incorrectly charged when your order was above GBP 135. The shipping company that delivers your parcel will charge the 20%VAT.

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